The British Pabloites

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indexIn 1963, following a ten-year schism, the majorities of the two public factions of the Fourth International, the International Secretariat and the International Committee reunited, electing a United Secretariat of the Fourth International. However, tensions with Pablo and his supporters continued…..

By 1965 Pablo was out of the FI and his followers organised themselves as the International Revolutionary Marxist Tendency, the central political theme of which was the concept of “workers self-management”

English-language publications included “Dossier”, the “International Marxist Review” and the “Bulletin for Socialist Self Management”*

The last fling of British Pabloism appears to have been the well-produced magazine “Socialist Alternatives” from 1986.

The IRMT remained small throughout its existence and its sections rejoined the FI in 1994 / 5.

Copies of the publications mentioned above can be found here:

Dossier- two publications on the French events of 1968

Dossier 1

Dossier 2

International Marxist Review

International Marxist Review no1 June 1971

International Marxist Review no2 December 1971

International Marxist Review no3 April 1972

Bulletin for Socialist Self Management

The Bulletin For Socialist Self-Management March 1972

The Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management Special Issue August 1972 New Forms Of Struggle in Britain

The Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management 1st September 1972 no 1

The Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management Mid September 1972 no 2

The Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management 1st October 1972 no3

The Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management Mid October 1972 no 4

The Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management 1st November 1972 no 5

The Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management Mid November 1972 no 6

The Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management 3rd December 1972 no7

The Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management Jan 1st 1973 no 9 – 10

The Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management March 1973 no 12

The Bulletin for Socialist Self-Management no 14

Socialist Alternatives

Socialist Alternatives v1 no1 July August 1986

Socialist Alternatives v1 no2 October November 1986

Socialist Alternatives v1 no3 December 1986 January 1987

Socialist Alternatives v2 no1 April May 1987

Socialist Alternatives v2 no2 August September 1987


Housework and the Politics of Womens Liberation- Ellen Malos

World In Revolution – Michel Pablo

* An eariler draft of this article incorrectly identified Chris Arthur and Ken and Marion Tarbuck’s Bulletin of Marxist Studies as a Pabloite publication. I am happy to correct this error and I have removed the links to those publications. These will, however, still be available at RedMoleRising.wordpress.com

Thanks are due to Barry Buitekant and John Rudge for supplying the documents featured here.



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